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COMING MARCH 2023 | $49/month or $495/year

I love to share with this community lots of goodies including:

  • Access to our Facebook Community. In this exclusive community, you will learn mindset hacks & habits to create your best life. Our topics include mindset, manifestations wellness, workout, resilience, mentoring, money, food, friendship and more. 

  • Updates on the RUNWAY 2 Inspire Podcast. An interactive BTS entrepreneur interview series, inspiring and empowering you each week with fun stories and the realness of growing business to 7 and 8 figures so you never miss an episode! 

  • Weekly emails on relevant and Growthology topics, filled with information to help you achieve your goal of getting your business from 5 or 6 figures to 7-figures.

    And much more!

THERE is NOTHING like the RUNWAY 2 membership and programs out there!

R2 is the crossroad of 15 years of applied strategy,

life learned Growthology skills & instructed Ivy League strategy tactics.

What is RUNWAY 2 SCALE & who is it for?

R2S was created for new entrepreneurs & seasoned business owners that want to launch, pivot or scale in today’s hyper-tech environment. The game has changed worldwide. Are you ready?

I’ll be teaching everything they don’t teach you at Harvard that is essential to keep growing as your clients' communication channels change, and their needs evolve, and... literally all the secrets I learned real-time, from how I landed the top 2% of clients in the country, to attracting angel investors in 30 days… ‘all the things’ I wish I knew when I started, and when I grew!

Be transformed! Be inspired, motivated, educated, connect, and have fun! Together as a team, we will level up your business, as you build Life-preneur skills, during this interactive 8 week virtual hybrid program. Connect with other like-minded visionaries, while practicing mindset mastery, as you develop the tools & learn the tactical steps to launch, pivot or scale! Even if you’re just ‘entrepreneurial curious’ you will start thinking like a seasoned entrepreneur for the day you may want to level up your dream business!

... a look into the RUNWAY 2 SCALE community...

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