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Amanda Kay Bonnell 

CGO / CRO /  CPO  / Chief of Staff


Host, RUNWAY 2 INSPIRE podcast

Amanda’s avid intellect combines the science of scaling a business, with an acute understanding of how human psychology and mindset affects an individual’s (and company's) ability to reach goals.

Her innate skills, as a ‘high performance coach’ and ‘Growth Guru’, lead her clients to scale their businesses, by drawing a correlation between the growth-based-mindset (this she calls Growthology) of its leaders and the business’s revenue gap (the point at which the true problem is solved with a unique offer).

Amanda's infectious energy leads her clients (& their executive teams) to expand their lens, upleveling their mindset, providing for an acute understanding of scale-based decision-making skill sets critical for growth;  FORESIGHT, CONSUMER-CASTING, and GROWTHOLOGY.

FORESIGHT: Amanda’s future-forward-lens provides foresight, not just insight, to guide today's business leaders with growth-based-decision-making-Methodologies, fusing innovative scale strategies with consumer-casting, layered with her Harvard-learned disruptive framework, providing clients with a a clear formula to execute strategies that disrupt their industry and provide growth sustainability via adaptability.  Her process simplifies the translation of client goals into actionable steps, taking them from planning to executing, for both their short-term & long-term success.


CONSUMER CASTING: Bonnell has an uncommon and powerful interpretation of consumer behavior paired with data analytics and trends, human empathy and problem-solving to predict consumer needs now and in the future; without relying solely on historical trends or industry norms. You may be familiar with the term "vision-casting", but Amanda takes it to a new level of "consumer-casting", the statistical predictability of consumer behavior.  

GROWTHOLOGY: The Psychology of Growth.  A future forward growth based mindset that eliminates limiting beliefs, and provides for a clear lens, necessary for success personally and professionally.  

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"I decided to work with Amanda, because I felt an instant connection to her energy, passion and mission of helping women turn their purpose into a successful reality. As a visual artist, nothing is more important. It was incredible how the process had not just business coaching… but mindset coaching too. I loved how present and brilliantly creative Amanda was with each session together. I uncovered powerful insights that will inform and catapult my work going forward. She also gave me an immense amount of practical, seasoned and strategic business advice tailored to me that would execute and accelerate my growth. Her experience with leaders across different businesses and industries is invaluable. She gave me ways to "disrupt" the art world in a way that is tied to my own purpose. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone needing a fresh perspective, executable steps, and highly creative mind on their life's work."

Lisa Kinzelberg | Lisa Kinzelberg Art


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