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Meet Amanda, a new-age High-Growth Coach
Leadership Advisor & Growth Culture Consultant 
revenue in private companies
in scale mode.

The skills it took to launch and build a company to $25 M

is not the same skills needed to scale it to $500 M

EQ optimization is essential to build the leadership skills 
along with the tactical skills to scale a company 

Does your leadership team have a Growth Director or CGO?
Does your PE resource team have a CGO or CLO?

Amanda coaches aligns & builds leadership teams & Biz Dev teams,

accessing and optimizing their EQ needed to scale revenue 10X.  
    What’s the outcome: 
     1). Higher Revenue (MOIC), Faster.
     2). Less Time Wasted: 
                Leadership teams have more time to execute on prioritized growth projects (PGE), rather than leadership issues.  And PE ops (resource) teams have more time to work on new business deals, rather than leadership friction.

      3) Growth Cultures impacting Biz Dev team to massively impact their sales funnel yielding extraordinary results/revenue/returns.

meet Amanda Bonnell 

Founder & CEO / CGO of RUNWAY 2 Scale, Inc. using RUNWAY 2 Scale methodologies.

​Amanda is a highly recognized growth coach and growth culture consultant, who has carved her own niche within the high-growth private company & private equity sector.

Bonnell fills the 'Great Position Gap'. The leadership team is a missing dedicated position supporting leadership in the PE-driven hyper growth environment that is unprecedented, in order to reach their high growth goals (MOIC) in a shorter time, with less friction to distract them from other deals (PE) and strategic growth strategies (PortCos).


This is the role of the Growth Director, or CGO, is to insure that higher MOIC (growth) is met in a shorter time, with less distraction, caused by friction, the lack of transparency & growth culture.


Not having this role in this new paradigm relationship between founders, deal teams and board members results in lower & slower returns, friction & distraction, for all teams, and investor (LP) disappointment.

Contact Amanda to learn more about your companies need for a Growth Director,

  • For the CEO/Founder: ‘Alternative Mindset Management’ for CEOs & founders. Using Growthology to operate from your Genius rather than your Mastery. You may be at the top, but are you operating from your Genius, or are you distracted by operating your company with your Mastery? Meet Amanda, a new age Executive Growth Coach, and join the top leaders in the world with her ‘Growthology’ mindset training. 

  • For the Business Builders:  Performance Training for your sales force: Scale-based-communication and enhanced decision-making skill training.   You may have the best sales team, but are they actually performing at their highest potential?  Meet Amanda, a transformational coach, who will lead your team of ‘closers’ to become an unstoppable team of builders, with her RUNWAY 2 SCALE methods, and ‘Growthology’, her AMM (Alternative Mindset Management) system, resulting in more revenue & referrals, rather than just more leads. 

  • For the Company: Consumer-centric Scale Strategy for the company ready to grow at warp speed.  
    Is your company’s main ‘offering’ operating profitably with efficiency, clarity, consistency and with a team of leaders that are ready to go to the next level?   Meet Amanda, scale-based-foresight-strategist, guiding CEOs with proven methods to identify their ‘Revenue Gap’ (RG), how to connect with their ‘1% Consumer’ in that RG, and how to use Consumer-Casting (foresight) to scale (aka. Identifying your RUNWAY 2 Scale).  Scale w Amanda’s ‘1% Method’, or risk dying by disruption. 

RUNWAY 2 SCALE Terminology:

GROWTHOLOGY: The psychology of a growth mindset. This is a future forward view providing one with a clear lens on how to execute decisions today based on the future goal, while eliminating limiting beliefs, which is necessary for success personally and professionally. Growthology is the corner stone to effective Revenue-Centric-Communication, where growth based communication directly impacts revenue and affectively turning a challenge into opportunity. 


FORESIGHT: Amanda’s future-forward-lens provides foresight, not just insight, to guide today's business leaders with her growth-based-decision-making-methodology. This methodology fuses innovative scale strategies with consumer-casting, layered with her Harvard-learned disruptive framework.  Ultimately providing clients with clear steps to get from planning to executing strategies that disrupt their industry and provide sustainable growth via adaptability.

CONSUMER-CASTING (human-behavior forecasting): Bonnell has an uncommon and powerful interpretation of human/consumer behavior paired with data analytics & trends, human empathy and problem-solving. She uses this to predict consumer needs now and in the future; without relying solely on historical trends or industry norms. She calls this 'Client/Consumer-Casting'; where she uses her Statistical Prediction Methodology to define & predict behavior.  


To meet her and book a complimentary consultation, click here. 

Or listen in on her latest RUNWAY 2 INSPIRE podcast episode.


"Amanda has a natural ability to connect with people quickly.   She is an excellent problem solver, that identifies leadership potential and their ability to impact revenue. She's smart, with an incredible sense of consumer trends and was a tremendous asset to us as we were growing our business. She’s an excellent coach for business leadership transitions.  I highly recommend working with her!"

Managing Partner | Executive Services Firm


“Understand the power of foresight. Translate that into prioritized execution. Make the committment. Pair with a coach to guide you through disrupting your industry, as you adapt & grow as a leader.

Gaining that acute understanding is the way you will scale your business.”

~  Amanda K. Bonnell, Scale Strategist & Growth Coach

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