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Amanda K. Bonnell 

CEO & Founder, Runway 2 Scale | Strategy Consulting, Inc.

Host, RUNWAY 2 INSPIRE Podcast

Amanda has implemented her Harvard & entrepreneurial disruptive growth strategies, along with her proven methodologies, to 10x her clients in her RUNWAY 2 programs and capsule.

Amanda is no stranger to success in creating a successful business, she earned her first $10 million in 5 years at 33 years old, and $20 million 3 years later at 36.  She leads Pods of entrepreneurs down a transformational path of personal and professional growth, with only one outcome -> success, growth, collaboration, leverage and relationships that last a lifetime.

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By sharing her proven methodologies, growthology & strategies, that cut out the guessing and the spending, growth mindset & communication mastery.

Disruptive strategies that scale
Methodologies that make moves
Growthology to never respond to challenges the same way again
Spice media & seo/ad strategy
Reverse engineer revenue with a revenue runway
Disruptive strategies & metholodigies
Organize your resources to grow & product yourself for growth
‘Consumer whisperer’: find the gap and serve them! (harvard’s “JOB-TO-BE-DONE”)

... a look into the world RUNWAY 2 SCALE world of 7-figure growth...

THERE is NOTHING like the Runway2 membership and programs out there! R2 is the crossroad of 15 years of applied strategy, life learned Growthology skills & instructed Ivy League strategy tactics.

What is RUNWAY 2 SCALE & who is it for?

R2S was created for new entrepreneurs & seasoned business owners that want to launch, pivot or scale in today’s hyper-tech environment. The game has changed worldwide. Are you ready?

I’ll be teaching everything they don’t teach you at Harvard that is essential to keep growing as your clients' communication channels change, and their needs evolve, and... literally all the secrets I learned real-time, from how I landed the top 2% of clients in the country, to attracting angel investors in 30 days… ‘all the things’ I wish I knew when I started, and when I grew!

Be transformed! Be inspired, motivated, educated, connect, and have fun! Together as a team, we will level up your business, as you build Life-preneur skills, during this interactive 8 week virtual hybrid program. Connect with other like-minded visionaries, while practicing mindset mastery, as you develop the tools & learn the tactical steps to launch, pivot or scale! Even if you’re just ‘entrepreneurial curious’ you will start thinking like a seasoned entrepreneur for the day you may want to level up your dream business!

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“Amanda has a natural ability to connect with people.  She is a problem solver, that can help find your gaps and provide solutions for you.  She’s smart, passionate, has an incredible sense for the market trends, and has the right tool box to help grow your business.  She was a tremendous asset to us as we were trying to figure out how to grow our business.  I highly recommend working with her!”

GREG S, Managing Partner, Boutique Services Company

“Amanda has added a new energy & perspective in understanding business aspects of my start up humanitarian business model as a ‘Lifestyle Foundation’. She dives deep with me and helps me in articulating a clear brand message without changing the elements of my vision and mission. She easily Identifies monetizable funnels, and tactical steps to get there.  And best of all, she is wholeheartedly committed and available to my foundation’s growth; and that’s why I trust her so much . ””

DR. MAHTAB HARIRI, Intrigue Yellow Inc. & IY Foundation

 “Amanda was pivotal in updating my brand design & story to use it as a powerful growth tool, as part of the sales strategy, in who we are drawing to our stadiums, and how my teams were being presented to cooperations and partners.    Her inate ability to find the gap of opportunity for my businesses before & during quarantine, helped us reposition our business to grow, even through the pandemic.” 

PATRICK, Professional Sports teams owner

“Amanda was incredibly insightful in getting us to understand how to describe our product, set our prices properly to brand and how to add modulated products that could make the money to cover our business expenses. She also helped us work up strategies to reach out accounts that would potentially sell our products.  We now have 12 store accounts!  She brought up ideas, concepts and subjects we had never considered. It was definitely eye opening and effective!”

CELIA, Serial Entrepreneur


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“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change... and constantly think about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.”

- Elon Musk

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